Alberta’s craft brewers and distillers have earned international recognition by using homegrown ingredients. Grab a table and sample the local vibe.

The craft beer scene is hopping

Alberta is famous for its barley, wheat and water. Lately, we’ve also been growing a booming craft brewery scene that takes these ingredients and creates magic in a glass. More than 170 breweries have sprung up in recent years in all corners of the province. So come on in, grab a pint and toast independent thinking.

Grab a flight and taste your way through Alberta.


Innovative craft brewers are at home in Alberta

From unconventional ingredients to new techniques, our craft brewers are leading the flavour revolution. Taste a seasonal brew or tap into an old standby. Lagers, pale ales, IPAs, pilsners — you name it, we’ve got it — and good times — on tap.

Did you know?

Calgary has 40 craft breweries, with more on the way. That gives it one of the highest number of craft breweries per capita in Canada.


There’s a whole lot of shaking (and stirring) going on

Alberta’s craft distillers are dedicated to transforming local ingredients into remarkable spirits. Their inventive elixirs have invigorated the cocktail scene in big cities and small towns throughout the province.