A little preparation can go a long way to ensure your safety while visiting Alberta.

A family sits around a campfire at Sundance Lodge in Kananaskis Country

Emergency Information in Alberta

Call 911 from anywhere in Alberta to access fire, ambulance and police emergency services. 

The numbers below are best for non-emergency police services, such as lost or stolen property and minor accidents.

403-266-1234 in Calgary

780-423-4567 in Edmonton

780-788-4000 in Fort McMurray

Campfire Safety

Before you get cozy around a campfire, it’s important to understand the tools you’ll need, how to build one safely and how to properly extinguish it to prevent wildfires. Visit Alberta Wildfires for all the information you’ll need.

Travel Insurance

Visitors from the United States and other international destinations are advised to secure travel medical insurance before visiting Alberta. Without it, medical services can be a costly out-of-pocket expense.

Road Conditions

Road conditions in Alberta can change quickly, especially during the winter months. Stay informed about road closures, driving conditions and delays by visiting 511 Alberta.

Weather Conditions and Alerts

The weather can vary quickly in Alberta, no matter the season. Visit Environment Canada to find the latest information about weather alerts throughout the province.

Wildlife Safety

Nearly 600 species of wildlife call Alberta home. Visit Alberta Parks to learn more about wildlife safety and to learn how to stay safe on the roads. Remember: Never stop your vehicle or pull over on the side of the road to view wildlife, and do not approach wildlife.

COVID-19 Information

The Government of Canada removed all COVID-19 travel restrictions, including mandatory vaccinations and pre-boarding testing, as of October 1, 2022. However, the government announced on January 5, 2023 that new measures would be required for flights originating from China, Hong Kong and Macao.

Click here for the latest information about COVID-19 in Alberta.

What to do if you get sick

It is important to isolate immediately if you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 while visiting Alberta. Learn more about isolation and what to do if you exhibit severe symptoms here.