Inspire your Wild Side.

Girl sitting on top of camper van in the Canadian Badlands.

Road Trips & Itineraries

With so much land to explore, it can help to start with a plan. Check out our favourite adventures for inspiration.

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Indigenous Experiences

Meet the First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples who have lived here for thousands of years. Learning about their culture and hearing their stories are unforgettable experiences.

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Dinosaur Adventures

Travel back in time to 70 million years ago. Alberta dinosaur adventures feature hoodoos, fossil hotbeds and a world-renowned paleontology museum.

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Person riding mountain bike on Star Wars Bike Trail in Banff.

Summer Getaways

No one appreciates summer like Canadians. Join us for epic festivals, mountain hikes, glacier walks and more.

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People relaxing and having picnic after horseback riding

Ranch & Rodeo

Leave your place in the city and find a home on the range. An Alberta ranch is the best place to experience the West’s wide-open spaces and big skies.

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Adventure Travel

Alberta’s raw, expansive landscapes will unlock your sense of adventure.

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Sustainable Travel

Looking to reduce the impact of your travel plans, but still want to experience something new? Alberta is your destination for low impact travel, with easy options for busing to the mountains, bike and walking paths throughout our major cities, and defined “slow seasons” where you are less likely to add to traffic and congestion.

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