Combine invigorating days on the open range with restorative wellness practices.

Authentic experiences

Explore the real west

After a day in the saddle, it's all about soaking up the timeless beauty of Alberta's landscapes. And throwing back a cowboy coffee or two.

Family fun

Wrangle up the kids

For a taste of the west as it was once, families reconnect on covered wagon rides, learning to lasso and holstering hotcakes fresh off the griddle.

Family riding inside a covered wagon along the Bow River in Banff National Park.
No need to steal your little cowpoke's iPhone to get them to appreciate the beauty of nature.
Group horseback riding in the fall kananaskis country
Makes you wonder what you were so stressed out about beforehand, doesn't it?

Disconnect to connect

Leave city stressors behind

Yes, you really can get away from it all. Kiss city stressors goodbye as you gallop into the bucket list adventure of a lifetime.

Trail riding through a grassy field in the mountains in Banff National Park
Trot through meadows carpeted in a kaleidoscope of colours that change each season.
From rodeos to national historic sites and trail rides, there's unlimited opportunities to play cowboy and get friendly with horses in Alberta.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rest assured, horseback riding trips are tailored to beginner riders. To ensure everyone's safety on the trails, horses travel in a single file at a walking pace. Competent guides provide riding instructions before and during your ride.

There's no need to don Wranglers, spurs and Stetsons, though you sure can for the 'gram! Comfortable pants, a hat or helmet, plus a waterproof jacket are all you need to enjoy horseback riding comfortably. While cowboy boots aren't required, boots with a small heel will help your foot stay in the stirrup. Runners, sandals, crocs and open-toed shoes are not ideal.

Yes. Children eight years and older are welcome on most horseback riding adventures. Some operators may take children as young as three years old.

Not only is it highly likely you'll meet legitimate cowboys on your ride, but also cowgirls! Ask either why they prefer Wranglers over Levi's.